Why I Love to Work at Home

Thanks for the Meme, Treece. Fastforward another 25 or 30 years and you have me! I’m a grandmother/mom who retired in 2000 after being a “stay at home mom” who began working “seriously” when her oldest started college. Before that, I had options to work when I felt like it, and do whatever pleased me at the time as long as I could arrange to be home for my 4 kids.
After re-entering the workforce fulltime at 41 and working to age 62, and now being retired for 7 years, I find that I am thrilled to have something to do every day without having to march to someone else’s drummer. I get up when I feel like it, have coffee and read the newspaper with my other half, go to my office with my second cup, and start my work. Who cares if it’s snowing, raining, hot or cold? Who cares about traffic jams? I can get the job done right here.
Working at home gives me an opportunity to spend valuable time with my husband who works with me, and our daughter, Treece, with whom we work. I can use the skills that I have developed over the years to free my daughter from the mundane tasks and allow her to be more creative in developing her business. I am an organized, productive, contributing person and I can still have a life, which is very hard when you work in the corporate world. I can go on vacation when I feel like it, take a day off if I want to and do my job at any time of the day. I’m at an age where keeping busy and mentally active is a good thing. The best part is that I am appreciated for what I do – and the boss calls me Mom.

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