The Family Plot

No, it’s not at the cemetery. It’s an actual undercover plot I’ve stumbled upon that has been coordinated and planned by my four children. For our upcoming special anniversary, our children planned a get-together for the entire family (4 children, 3 spouses and 9 grandchildren) at the shore, sharing two lovely homes next-door to each other. They presented the idea to us at Christmastime. Now, I’ve discovered what the real plan is. One of the grandchildren ‘slipped’ and mentioned that in order for us to go on this wonderful trip that we would still need to be married to each other. (We were kind of hassling each other at the time, as married people are capable of doing.) So, the plot is that the kids don’t really want us to be there. Here’s the plan: My granddaughters have an internet business called Things have been pretty busy for their Mom and Dad who also each have their own businesses. They asked us to pick up some of the shipping and packing chores part time. Therein lies the sinister plot! They all know pretty well what happens when Grandma and Grandpa work together at the computer and when doing projects. They figure that between now and June, we won’t be married to each other any more, and we won’t be able to go with them to the shore! Aha! We’ll show them that we can do it!! Any couple that can hang wallpaper together and not kill each other stands a pretty good chance of making it.

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