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My mother told me on several (make that many) occasions that when you are old, you can say anything you want – and she did. She was 82 when she went to heaven. I often wonder if you can get away with that up there. (I know it couldn’t happen down there!) So, I believe, as taught, that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. However, (and this is the good part), not everyone wants to hear your opinion, agrees with your opinion, or has the time and/or patience to listen to your opinion – also known as advice, wisdom, criticism, gossip, suggestions, etc. Also, as you get older you tend to repeat your opinion a lot! I also find that I don’t think as quickly on my feet as I did a few years ago. I like to savor things for a while and develop my responses. After all, saying anything you want is not always a “good thing.” I’m not sure Mom quite got that part. Although maybe, when I’m 82, I will say anything I want. (I am now 69, mother to 3 men and 1 woman, and grandmother to 6 girls and 3 boys.)
By writing a blog, I can express myself as much or as little as I like, avoid confrontation, save others from boredom due to repetition, and eliminate eye-rolling from those to whom I opine to on a daily basis. Read it – or not – as you choose.

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