Password Hell

I need to have a password and I need it right away. My computer’s blank face is staring out me as if I am really a moron. I must come up with something new and difficult that no one else will be able to figure out or be able to connect with me. Simple things like hobbies, grandkids names, kids names, all are off limits. The bad guys can figure that out. I should not use the same password for all of my accounts. It must have 10 letters and numbers. It can’t be my social security number, since everyone already has that. It can’t be my birthday or my anniversary because everyone knows those, right? It can’t be my last name, even though most people can’t spell or pronounce it. I need to keep track of my passwords in a place no one will ever be able to find. (That would be inside my brain – no one can ever find that, even me!) I have a minimum of 50 passwords, and the hard drive on my brain is getting very full. Every time I create a new password for an account that I share with my other half, he goes crazy. Why can’t I just use one password for everything?? Granted, that would make HIS life easier, but it would not do much for our computer’s security and happiness. These things seem to take on a life of their own. Forget about changing a password every 30 days! Maybe I could rotate them? Every account needs a password – healthcare, insurance, ebay, blogs, emails, banking, weight loss forums, online shopping,  and on and on and on. I would love to password protect my email to make it difficult for all of those spammers out there. Now, THAT’S a password I’d spend some time on. How come the people that send out ED emails manage to elude recognition when I try to block them from my computer? They place obscure writings inside little boxes so you can’t get rid of them. Couldn’t they just ping my account to find out that I am female. Maybe I could use random dictionary words or biblical phrases that have nothing to do with my name, address, phone number, relatives, etc. I guess I’ll just have to keep trying. In addition, you not only need to remember a password, you also need to remember an ICON! Computers are supposed to make life easier – not get us overloaded with obscure things to remember. My granddaughters were kidding around about installing a new “chip” in my brain because it’s getting a little harder for me to remember all the things I need to remember. Not a bad idea kids! Hope you’ve started on it. It’s probably the only safe place to put a password, anyway.

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