Happy Birthday Baby

Two years ago, Jordan (Heir Jordan) came into this world a product of a miserable 9 month, worrisome pregnancy complicated by hyperemesis gravidarum. (I know they all are worrisome, but believe me when I tell you, this was not something you just put up with.) Our son and daughter-in-law waited 6 years to make the difficult decision to have another child, hoping it would not be a repeat performance. I called my daughter-in-law one morning 2 years, 8 1/2 months ago to say “hello.” When she answered the phone, I knew from her voice that something was not right. Fearful that someone was seriously ill, or had died, I asked “What’s wrong?” “Oh, Mom,” she groaned, “I’m pregnant!” I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry. It was obvious that from the time the seed was planted that it was happening again. The poor girl spent 8 months and 1 week in agony – vomiting constantly, taking drugs that would kill an elephant, and lying in a dark room (when she wasn’t rushing to the ER) while the world went on around her, and spitting in a red plastic cup. As of this day, the sight of a red plastic cup makes her gag. We do not keep them in the house, EVER! As scary as a premature birth can be, we were so relieved that the baby came 3 weeks early and prayed that he would be a healthy little guy.
Now, as they say, “to the rest of the story:” The hour after Jordan was born, his momma was asking for trays of food. The dietician commented after looking at her menu and seeing everything checked off: “She’s a hungry one, isn’t she?” Well, if you hadn’t had anything to eat in 9 months, you’d be hungry too. Amazingly, things returned to normal as soon as that child was born.
He is a beautiful combination of Jamaican and Polish, German, Irish (and god knows what else). His eyes are bluer than blue. His hair is curly. He doesn’t say much yet, but can read all his letters, numbers, and knows his body parts and his shapes. We thank God every day that he watched over this baby and his family. He is our 9th grandchild, probably our last grandchild, and we are blessed.

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