DDD Report

Today’s blog is not for the eyes of my son-in-law – it’s been outlawed at his house. I would not recommend it for anyone under 60 years of age, so kids, this one’s not for you. It’s the Disease, Death and Dying news of the day. Seems like once you get to be a certain age it’s a common thing. I remember my Mom and and my mother-in-law on a regular basis would give me the updates. “Remember Ruth? She used to live next door to us when you were 3? Well, she died yesterday.” “Did you hear about Harriet? She’s got cancer.” “Poor Mary! Her husband dropped dead of a heart attack.” I called my daughter one day to tell her that Pavorati had cancer, and my son-in-law went nuts on me. “Don’t tell me that stuff – I don’t want to hear it!” Sadly, it’s something we all will face as we age. News of friends in the hospital, ill, or failing, become very common. I lost my best friend when she and I were both 41 years old. That’s a shock that lasts a long time. I lost a niece at 23 years old and there are no words for that. A friend went into the hospital for an appendectomy, and 2 weeks later was discharged after a multitude of mishaps. It all goes with the territory called life. As the years go by, the DDD report grows longer every day. We try to change the subject and talk about anything else – even politics if we have to!  After all, death, taxes and politics never change!

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